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In twenty years of working experience with athletes, first as a manager in a company and then as a free lance consultant in a role of intermediate between the company and the athlete, i have field-tested the enormous difference the educational approach on the development of professional skills makes, and that inevitably have to be intertwined with the athletes sporting skills.

If the athletes prospective is – making a living out of sports – and if the testimonial is a valuble asset – company perspective – it is crucial to train the athlete to understand what it means to be a professional athlete ( this is my vision) by creating the tools, the channels, the knowledge and guiding him in his transition from a passionate to a professional athlete (this is my mission).

All athletes whom i manage directly have first-hand experience on the training process in the direction of being professionals. They know that in parallel to their sporting success, in order to succeed professionally, they have to learn to relate with their network, companies, media, communication agencies, events and their own fans – in the most ecological way possible.

Ecological means respecting both their personal and sporting dna and that of their counterpart. The famous win win is the basis of every development path, which is essential for a medium and long term goal.

In order to provide my skills and expertise, my know-how, my working experience available in both sports marketing and in coaching, i have created workshops for:

  • individual athletes
  • companies with a team of athletes
  • sports associations - teams
  • for all sports
  • to companies and sports associations who want to start a training program for their athletes, with the aim of achieving the maximum optimization of the sponsorship


  • the possibility of training your team professionally and aligning it with the company goals, with a customizable coaching and mentoring program.
  • to athletes who consider it necessary to aquire skills and tools to move cleverly in their professional career and achieve better business results, either with a one to one, or with a group path.
  • a training base to guide the athlete in making the right choices immediately
  • make contact with a network of professionals in the sports and marketing world and sport communication

Workshops can be organized and held both in our offices in Treviso or Bergamo or directly in the company, on themes that are useful to the athlete and the company.

These are the themes that I offer:

The right communication of oneself is born by awareness

    learn how to make a direct communication plan and in coaction with partners:
  • the channels (especially web)
  • PR and Media
  • writing (blog, social, interviews / reports)
  • the visual tools (photos and videos)

from the scouting of sponsors and/or athletes, to negotiation, to the "partners and partnership" relationship, to strategy project development in synergy with the sponsor.

advertising campaigns, editorial, filmic, and speaking projects - important spin-offs for direct communication and in synergy with partners

nutritionist, personal trainer, psychologist, PR, agent – why it is an important goal and how to choose

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