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Marketing, consultancy and communication for:

  • companies that have a sports DNA
  • sports associations
  • public sports Events

The mission is to team up with the company to build an effective sports marketing program, a complete consultation package with useful tools to tackle one’s activity and aa direct debate on the dynamics behind the scenes. If requested, it can also include also an educational context to align everyone involved in the projects.

Advertising communication through sport is a powerful promotional instrument and two reasons make it an excellent source of investment:

  • it is the most emotional and captivating activity of all
  • simple to integrate in companies' communications plan

This is the advertising communication of brands and products through testimonial athletes, sports events, sports teams, which starts from the analysis and integration of the sports marketing project combined with the companies own marketing and communication plan.


  • strategy and planning of online and offline communication
  • definition of structure and selection criteria of testimonial athletes
  • testimonial athletes research
  • new partnership research
  • negotiation and contracts
  • public relations activities
  • development of editorial projects
  • development of speaking projects
  • athlete alignment training on company strategy with a tailored project of mentoring and coaching
  • athletes team training for public speaking (go to the workshop page)

A talented athlete with a dream and a good CV of performances, who respects fatigue and hard work, who has an interesting story to tell and the desire to narrate it, has the potential to inspire the world.

With a guide by his/her side he/she can develop into a professional and a build a fulfilling career and totally live his/her dream.


  • definition of aims and action plan
  • management and coordination of creative services: brand image, promotional material, copywriting, photography and videos
  • management and coordination of content of channels of communication, web sites and social media
  • creation and management of a PR plan
  • scouting, negotiation, contracts and relation management of sponsors
  • creation of new business opportunities: editorial and film projects, public speaking
  • coaching to improve relations with the media, sponsors, your public and communicating in front of an audience
  • assistance in building a coaching team to improve sporting performance

We are constantly looking out for new athletes that are willing to narrate their experiences on stage, if you are interested in being part of the athlete-speakers team go to the speaker bureau page.

  • strategy and communication planning
  • analysis and creation of brand image
  • activity of public relations
  • social media: strategy and management
  • scouting of testimonials for sponsorship programs and adv campaign
  • negotiation and contracts
  • creation of the sponsorship menu
  • coaching and training for athletes (go to the workshop page)
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