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My passion for communications through sport comes from my conviction that the great strength of sport lies in its direct emotional link with the public and spectators. I am convinced that effort and hard work, success and failure in sport are simple and perfect metaphors for everyday life, of projects and dreams of all of us.


A good sports cv is not the only attribute that the athletes of the team need. They also require the ability and the desire to talk about themselves, about their goals, to narrate their adventures and expeditions not only to a technically prepared audience who are well aware of their enterprises and ground on which they act, but also to a wider audience that may wish to be inspired by them and their adventures.

Dreams, objectives, limits, obstacles, fear, success, failure, surrender, exploration, innovation, team and leadership are some of the topics requested by businesses.

All topics are developed and exposed converting sporting experiences into universal messages which can be useful and stimulating in both personal and professional life.

Team of athletes-speaker:

With over 60 mountaineering expeditions to his credit, one of the most famous alpinists in the world and the only one to have achieved four of the 8000 m. peaks during winter.
He is also a helicopter rescue pilot in Himalaya and author of nine books published in Italy and abroad.
His long journey up to here is flecked with successes, failures and surrenders but he keeps dreaming and as he would say it, continues to raise the bar always a little higher.

“Nothing is impossible, nearly impossible is the only thing that exists.”
  • Perseverance and tenacity
  • Innovation
  • The plan B
  • Failure and success
  • Team and leadership

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Simone Moro is the only alpinist to have realized the first winter ascent of four 8000 metre peaks completely during the winter season: Shisha Pangma (8.027 m - in 2005), Makalu (8463 m - in 2009), Gasherbrum II (8.035 m - in 2011), Nanga Parbat (8126 m - in 2016).
Among the numerous prizes, he has received the UNESCO “Pierre de Coubertin World Trophy” by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, the “David A.Sowles Memorial Award” by the American Alpine Club and the Gold medal for courage (‘medaglia d’oro al valor civile’) by the Italian President for the extreme rescue operation undertaken on Lhotse’s west face (8516m) in Nepal, on his own, in the dark, with an extremely high risk of avalanche fall, and without the use of oxygen. He is author of 9 books which have been translated into English, German, Spanish and Polish.

Never stop dreaming and attempting to reach that which is considered nearly impossible… Nearly Impossible is the only thing that exists.
What drives a mountaineer to face those mountains that seem unreachable for mankind, with the fear and awareness of the risk he takes? What drives him to base camp first, to the single stages of the climb, and then up to the peak? Will he ever feel that he has actually “arrived”? The peaks for a mountaineer are the metaphors of our challenges in our professional everyday life : they seem impossible to conquer, too far to think about today. Ambition and motivation are the main engine of a path which is often long, deceitful, with crevasses and unexpected storms but that ultimately leads to the achievement of one’s goals.
A real journey, during which one must learn to live successes and above all failures as points of departure. A climb made of small steps, where the essential tools are tenacity, perseverance, humility, commitment, dedication and passion.

One of the strongest mountain climbers in the world and the first woman to summit a first 8000m winter ascent. Among her most important achievements: in 2010 her first mountaineering experience in Nepal at the age of 23, reaching the summit of Lhotse as the youngest woman and in 2014 the summit of K2 , without oxygen, as the second Italian woman in the history of Mountain climbing. In 2016 she attempted the summit of Nanga Parbat in winter with Simone Moro, he conquered it, while she, she gives up at 70 m. from the summit. Mountains are her “playground” of infinite joys and great suffering through which she has learnt and ongoing, to know herself and evolve.

"Every moment I spend in the mountains makes me more aware of who I am, and more grateful to life.”
  • Belief
  • The value of surrender
  • Self challenge
  • The winning team
  • Balance

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One of the strongest mountain climbers in the world and the first woman to summit a first 8000 m winter ascent. She has spent most of her life in the mountains, taking part in competitive sports since she was a child and winning important titles as a member of the national ski-mountaineering team. Among her most important achievements: in 2010 her first mountaineering experience in Nepal at the age of 23, reaching the summit of Lhotse (8516 m) as the youngest woman and in 2014 the summit of K2 (8611 m), without oxygen, as the second Italian woman in the history of Mountain climbing. In February 2016 she attempted the summit of Nanga Parbat in winter with Simone Moro, he conquered it, while she, she gives up at 70mt from the summit due to her physical conditions. In Ultra Running she conquered a 1st place (2014) at the Transalpinerun team with Annemarie Gross. In 2013 she was the main character of "The Great Crossing", cross-country skiing tour in Pakistan and the ascent of two inviolated and unnamed peaks.

Author of The Eight thousand, Happiness and I - edited by Rizzoli translated and published in German

Tamara Lunger has become famous as an athlete capable of extreme climbs but also of extreme sacrifices. After her success on the K2 without oxygen, in 2014 the alpinist Simone Moro invites her to partner with him on a winter expedition, unluckily in 2015, the bad weather conditions in Manaslu made it impossible for them to reach the summit. Simone renews his invitation in 2016, this time for Nanga Parbat. A new long wait at the base camp for the weather conditions to become favorable for the ascent, only on the eightieth day of the expedition, after having reached 6100 m in only one night and almost no acclimatization at all and after climbing for other 4 hours, in the shade with a perceived temperature of -58°. At only 70 metres from the summit, she decides to give up and return alone as she is exhausted by the cold and strenuous effort. Refraining becoming the first woman to make a first winter ascent of an 8,000-meter peak, on one of the highest mountains on earth.

A professional freerider and base jumper for the Red Bull team, first woman ever to do ski base. In august 2006 her life was shattered by an almost fatal accident. Doctors told her that she would never walk again and would be on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Against all possible predictions, she re-learnt how to walk and incredibly re-learnt how to ski.

“What can possibly go wrong?”
  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Fear of change
  • Second chance
  • Team and leadership

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Karina had a dream as a child, she wanted to fly like a bird. She was taught as a toddler that when she was in fear, she’d need to look “up” and that is what she did, all along into becoming a professional skier and BASE jumper. Karina is a female pioneer, being the first woman in the world to perform a ski base.

For over a decade Karina was a professional athlete for Red Bull performing both as a big mountain skier and Base jumper.

A perfect dream come true, a perfect life until something goes wrong with her parachute, changing her life dramatically.

In August 2006 at the paragliding world cup in Switzerland she and a group of friends were invited to do an exhibition jump. It was just going to be a routine flight in wing suits sailing away from an airplane to entertain a crowd of thousands below. Flying high overhead she couldn’t have been more happy.

Karina made the jump from a small plane and carved turns through the sky in her wing suit. As she flew  she filmed the others with a camera mounted on her helmet. When Karina pulled the ripcord her parachute deployed, but there was a malfunction. With no way to break her fall she hit the ground, her body sprawled across a huge boulder.

It had been a near-fatal crash, over the lifted noses of thousands of people.  She hit the ground at over 100 km/h (60 mph), and her legs were fractured in 21 places. Although doctors said she would never walk again, after 20 surgeries she has recovered. She has had to relearn to walk, but she has returned to skiing (2007) and is living life to the fullest today.

Her biographical movie 20 Seconds of Joy won both the Best film on Mountainsports as well as the People's choice awards at the 2007 Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Karina is now an international keynote speaker, author.  Her autobiography ‘The Wonderful Feeling of Fear’ is internationally published and her speech is part of the exclusive group of TEDx talks.  She is also a life coach. Karina’s coaching skills comes from a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Active Commitment Therapy. Her ability to push boundaries, stay focused and power to re-mobilize through hardship, are core qualities she transmits through her coaching and speaking.

Jacopo falls in love with climbing at the age of 10, his passion is so big that he dedicates body and soul in this sport, to an extent where he enters and positions himself in every competition. Jacopo becomes an athlete in the Italian National climbing team competing for several years. It is in the year 2010, after winning the Bouldering Absolute Italian championship that he takes a very important decision for his career and his future - he abandons the competition world and decides to seek his own path in some remote part of the planet following his own motto:

“The only constant is change”
  • Vision and motivation
  • Self challenge
  • Facing change
  • Perseverance
  • The (un) protected world

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Nato e cresciuto in Alto Adige, ha mosso i primi passi “verticali” all'età di dieci anni, in palestra, dove la sensazione di libertà che ha provato scalando lo ha affascinato a tal punto da decidere di investire tutte le sue energie in questo sport, accorgendosi ben presto che gli sforzi venivano ripagati.
Dopo due anni dagli inizi, è entrato casualmente in contatto con il mondo delle competizioni, classificandosi secondo nella sua gara di esordio. Incoraggiato dall’esito positivo, ha dedicato anima e corpo all’agonismo, vincendo per diversi anni i circuiti nazionali giovanili, nelle specialità Boulder e Lead, e gareggiando anche fuori dallo Stivale come membro della Nazionale Italiana. La vittoria del Campionato Italiano Assoluto Boulder 2010 rappresenta uno dei suoi risultati più significativi e anche un giro di boa, perché subito dopo ha scelto di abbandonare l’universo agonistico.
Spinto dal desiderio di affrontare nuove sfide, il suo interesse si è spostato verso le diverse sfaccettature dell’arrampicata, passando dalla scalata tradizionale alle vie lunghe, dall’ice climbing alle spedizioni. Non è stato semplice lasciarsi alle spalle le origini, quindi le gare e l’arrampicata sportiva, ma era determinato a rimettersi in gioco: quel momento ha segnato per Jacopo un nuovo inizio, era giunta l’ora di testarsi in condizioni più severe e stimolanti.
Le ultime avventure intraprese lo stanno spronando a perseverare nelle sue attuali passioni: intende viaggiare alla ricerca della sua linea perfetta, con il sogno di aprire, in una zona remota della Terra, una via capace di riassumere il percorso intrapreso come arrampicatore. È un sogno ambizioso, che spera di realizzare seguendo la sua filosofia “l’unica costante è il cambiamento”: per maturare come persona e scalatore, nello sport come nella vita, non bisogna temere di uscire dalla propria zona di comfort.

Nel corso degli anni l’arrampicata si è trasformata per Jacopo da semplice sport a scuola di vita: è diventata un mezzo per imparare e per crescere, per esplorare il mondo, fuori e dentro di se. Ognuno di noi ha dei sogni. Il più delle volte per realizzarli non basta solamente fortuna e talento, ma perseveranza, duro lavoro e fiducia nelle proprie capacità. Spesso durante il percorso ci imbattiamo in mille imprevisti, che però, restando positivi e determinati, possiamo riuscire a sfruttare a nostro favore. Quest’attitudine, insieme al lavoro di squadra, sono per Jacopo le chiavi necessarie per realizzare i suoi sogni, nonché i temi che più frequentemente emergono nei suoi racconti.

44 triathlon, 7 ironman, 12 ultra trail, and then? At a certain point Stefano understands that competitions are not enough for him anymore, he feels that there is something missing. And so he takes a leap into great exploration crossings, searching the small white unexplored dots on maps of our beautiful planet. From the Arctic to Atacama, to the Namib desert to Kamchatka – thousands of kilometres covered in extreme cold and heat, Stefano has the ability to tackle these hard tests thanks to his physical and mental preparation. Of course, everything is not always as planned, and even contingencies need training.

“You need a dream, you have to love fatigue, to be ready to face difficulties and to feel as if you are nothing compared to nature.”
  • Exploration
  • Preparation
  • Focus
  • Sixth Sense
  • Team and leadership

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From a fragile kid presenting a mild scoliosis, forced to wear orthopedic shoes to an athlete competing in various Ironman in Europe and the United States. Passionate about sports, in particular mountain sports. At some point Stefano feels constrained by the predefined routes of the races and chooses to run cross country instead.

After many exploits, from the crossing of the Atacama desert (1,200 km), of the Baffin Island to -51 degrees, to the victory at Yukon Arctic Ultra in the icy Canadian winter, in January 2018 he chose Namibia, the most ancient desert in the world. In the scorching summer at it’s 55 °, a continuous chase for a few centimeters of shade, where water is the ultimate primary resource. Roughly 2000km in a month. An adventure that kicks off from a project, from the idea of discovering pristine areas, which require a great respect to preserve its’ integrity and purity. An adventure that implies a great physical preparation, commitment, sacrifice and the discipline that takes you toward your goal, step by step, day after day, km after km. But overall, it requires a mental preparation, which is the only thing that will support you when you wear off the initial enthusiasm, when you encounter problems and difficulties, when motivation undergoes that physiological decline that you experience after great efforts. That is the moment in which you need to be trained to do even what you dislike doing, to endure mental exhaustion which is heavier than physical strain, maintaining the focus on the goal you have set for yourself and its’ meaning for you.

The role of the people who support you is crucial: they have the power to relaunch and transfer the energy you have lost a little or to drain even the last drop of lifeblood that remains at the end of a day of extreme effort, of pain , of conflicting emotions.

Stefanos’ experience in Namibia is not a positive one, it is actually of a team that doesn’t work becoming the main obstacle to achieving the goal. Because if the people in your team don’t share your project, they don’t understand the meaning of what they’re doing, they do not understand the meaning of what they're doing, they are not involved in the realization, they cannot feel the urgency and belonging to that goal that pushes you, that makes you do even what you dislike, but you do it, for a more important common goal that makes it worth doing. It is the leaders’ task to build a team of skilled people willing to share the whole project and fully understand all points.

From years of Volleyball in the C1 category with no experience in the motorsport world to the unconditional love for the races and conquering the podium in several circuits right up to being chosen for a female line up for the prestigious European circuit of Le Mans (ELMS). From a mother confident embrace to 400km/h in the tracks. Manuela embodies the perfect example of a dynamic woman who must be able to merge family time with sporting and competitive commitments, interpreting at best the marriage between being a mother and being an athlete. She is the true ambassador of this intent, and every day she works with tenacity to be able to affirm herself and make her way by focusing on preparation, concentration, technical skills and her heart.

“From the moment you close the car door, everything is in your hands, and this is just all so fascinating!“
  • The point of balance
  • Multitasking
  • Tecnique and sensibility
  • Talent and hard work
  • Solo vs Team

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In 2014 Manuela was invited as a guest in a test drive by her brother David (Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell European Champion) and when asked “do you want to try?” she didn’t give it a second thought and grabbed the chance! In that exact moment Manuela decides what she wants to do in her future : A racing car driver!

After a promising volleyball career, a turning point in which she experiences the thrill and excitement of being solely responsible for the outcome of the race. In a very short time span she shows her talent and potential, reaching the podium on several occasions, the last time at the World Finals ... 2018 gaining the third place.

What's more distant between a racing car drier and a mom? Between the thrill of speed and risk, and the warm, reassuring and protective maternal embrace? Between a competition which is almost totally masculine and the kind sweetness of a young woman? Nothing probably or perhaps a lot if we follow Manuela’s story, born to a family where high speed racing is a normality and which at a certain point of her life captivated her too, to the point where she relinquished her promising volleyball career.

Having the ability to drive a car at such high levels, you have to achieve the right balance between technique and sensitiveness, between when to have to push it and when to respect it, until you reach the very subtle limit where driving becomes a delicate dance. It all comes down to being able to control the vehicle, of understanding its’ possibilities and limits.

The moment you close the car door: everything depends on you even if you are surrounded by a team, but you decide everything, the speed - the chances you take, you are purely the driver and outcome of the whole race! All is in your hands and it is just so fascinating!

On the racing tracks since the age of 10, in 1999 he was elected “Student of the Year” at the most important European driving school, which launches him directly into the motorsport world. From the Ferrari challenge, to the GT Maserati, to the Alfa Romeo. He defines himself as a “working class” pilot, 3 years ago he finally fulfills his lifetime dream as he defines himself he reaches and fulfills his dream as a child, 3 years ago competing in the prestigious race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Giorgio is also a driver coach and mentor for other young drivers.

“I dreamt about the 24 hours of Le Mans since I was a child, every time I am there I have to pinch myself because for me it is still all so unbelievable.”
  • Insecurity
  • Self-motivation
  • Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Solo vs Team

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His childhood was practically spent between the tracks and racing cars as his father Renzo was a very well known rally car coach, at ten years old Giorgio made his debut in the Go-Kart world. From that moment onwards, Giorgio’s career has been intense and brimmed with successes. 2012 represents for him an exciting year introducing Giorgio to his most important challenge of his career: the 24 Hours of Le Mans, starting with the “Road to Le Mans” an ambitious program, shared with the driver and entrepreneur Roberto Lacorte, to reach the most important race in the World. In 2017 Giorgio and his two teammates, Roberto Lacorte and Andrea Belicchi, conquer the 9th place overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. During the same year the team is also involved in the European Le Mans Series where they win 2 Top 5 in the championship. 2018 is a complete relaunch of the same challenge: European Le Mans Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans, totally represented by a unique solely Italian team.

We’ve always been told that the feeling of insecurity is negative and limiting therefore should not be exposed. What if this wasn’t the case? What if that feeling of inadequacy and lack were the impulse to go beyond our limits? What if this propelled the need to improve ourselves and do more and more raising the bar a little higher?

This is exactly Giorgios’ experience, as he defines himself a "working class driver", who has raced in all categories, from the lowest to the Sport Prototype used in endurance races. Today he is one of the 24 Hours of Le Mans drivers, the hardest race that exists, "the Oscar of motoring", defined by those of the industry as – the race that requires 101% of your being to perform for 24 hours, during day and night.

Giorgio arrives at this epic race almost by chance: in 2012 he is a well-known driver of the single-race championships Granturismo, he won most of the competitions in the category, he can easily continue to win remaining in his comfort area where he is recognized and appreciated. But something is missing: to understand what kind of a driver he is, what he can achieve, up to where he can push himself, an opportunity to prove to himself of what is really worth, to transform that insecurity, which makes him think he is not capable, to a feeling of profound personal satisfaction.
The opportunity comes when an ambitious businessman asks him to help him realize his dream of running the 24 Hours of Le Mans as a "gentleman", meaning as "non-professional", who needs an experienced driver to follow him in order to compete in this long approach path. And this becomes the perfect opportunity for Giorgio to test the longest and most fascinating race in the world, on his skin, a test of courage and strength, where he has no choice but to invest and give his whole 101%.

All speeches are tailor made for conferences dedicated to the core sports environment and also for speeches and conferences in the corporate world (business environment).

We work directly with corporates and organizations, in coaction with event agencies and with training companies.

We plan and build the brief of the company, define the concept maps, identify the visual support material (photo, videos, ppt or keynote) (check above this is a repeat):

  • inspirational
  • motivational
  • experential
  • a combination of inspirational, motivational and experiential speech and activities
    The turnkey package includes:

  • definition of the cost /plan quotation
  • informational meeting held in our office (Treviso or Bergamo) or on Skype to define concept maps and format of intervention
  • selection and composition of all material needed for the defined aims
  • creation of the “on stage” intervention
  • all material needed for the promotion of the speech (photos and text)

We select sportsmen and women of all disciplines and levels of professionalism and performance who have a CV offering interesting experiences, good stories to tell and the desire to share a part of themselves with the rest of the world.

To be selected as a team speaker, send an email to with the following:
  • a biography
  • your CV listing your sporting achievements
  • a video
    • you already have of your public speaking or one created specially
    • downloaded on Vimeo or YouTube (even with private access)
    • lasting minimum 5 minutes and max 10 minutes
    • in which you introduce your story or one of your stories

Attention ! We invest on sale and promotion of you as a speaker, we offer know how, experience and network. You must be willing to invest in your one-to-one public speaking training and on the creation of support contents for you on stage.

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